Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordnet Travel Info

Our new travel venture is unique to the non-profit industry in that it provides us with a travel website similar to Travelocity®, and Expedia®. It has all the selections and features of other highly advertised booking websites. It was a gift to us from one of our supporters and we are trying to make the most of its benefits.

Wordnet travel’s website provides an alternative source for you or your parishioners to book business, personal and group travel… travel that is most likely already booked online. In fact, current statistics show that as much as 85% of all personal travel is booked online.

It would be a simple shift to book travel at It provides competitive travel rates or better, and helps this Catholic Television Ministry serving not only the Diocese but also the Church at large. According to a recent Cone/Roper study, “86% of all Americans would likely switch brands to support a cause when price and quality are equal.”

Most importantly, each time travel is booked using this site Wordnet Productions receives 40% of all the travel commissions. This would produce a source of fresh money from Wordnet third party vendors, and not from you, the travelers.

One of the tremendous benefits of our program is that even with a small portion of you or your parishioners and supporters using the program, it still produces a significant financial return for this ministry.

Check out the “Honeymoon Registry” under the events button when reviewing Here, newlyweds can create their own page of information, register their wedding as they would at any store and allow friends and family to provide a practical gift. It is a very nice feature. Other features provide the usual booking offerings for planes, car rentals, hotels, tours, cruises, flowers and gifts. If you have any questions, please contact me via phone or email. (1 951 847 8106 or

Wordnet Productions is simply saying: “Instead of booking your travel with someone else book it with us. You will get the same prices or better and you will be helping a cause you believe in.” Turn your Vacation into Donations! It is simple and it won’t cost you a dime!

Bro. Steve Pardy, SVD
Wordnet TV

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