Sunday, October 11, 2009

Susan Dobson is looking to re-launch her spiritual talk radio program

I am looking for a radio and or TV station that is looking for a show that offers content that is, Contemporary, Compelling, Controversial, Upbeat, Entertaining, Educational, sprinkled with name celebrities, authors and scholars, and a little laughter...That combination makes for heartfelt listening; a winner show and more important provides for the needs of those that are suffering and feel alone and out of answers.

My radio talk show, Another Way of Living Talk Radio is that show. 1 in 3 people have or are touched by some form of addiction today. Mix that up with those who suffer dual diagnosis with mental illness, depression, loneliness and grief - we have a lot of suffering going on and people looking for all the wrong places. We have a serieous problem, a society that is suffering from a spiriutal malady and doesn't know it. People who are looking to fix an inside job and heal the hurt from the outside; outside resources that are really the source of their suffering; money property and prestige and today, drugs and alcohol.

AWOL Talk Radio is live, on-air, caller driven and solution orientated. Solutions that come from the inside, for It is only when we surrender, run out of answers that we finally sucumb to the only one that can help us. GOD! The GOD who resides within us, in our hearts, in our truth; those answers that lie in wait, in the quiet of our comunication with God. When spiriutally sick, it is the last place we go.

And that is where AWOL and I come in. I faciliitate or co-create with my clients who are stuck, in helping them get unstuck, you might say, I provide the means for a SPIRITUAL INTERVENTION. Those that are suffering are disconnected and search desperately to be connected or reconnected with something, anything than to live with the pain of self and self destruction. The only answer is GOD. We are all looking to be reconnected with the Father of us all, preparing for our journey home, which really begins at birth!

The show speaks for itself. I have attached a link to my website that I invite all to check out and listen for themselves. I look forward to hearing from you and am open to suggestions on how to get this much needed show up and running again.

Here's my website:

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